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tina smonThe company was founded in January of 2012 by Tina Smon and Anzhelika Yushchenko. Since August 2015 the 100% owner and director is Tina Smon. Core business is destination management, more specifically event planning (business, educational, social, recreational and other type of events). Since we are based in Slovenia, most of our business is done here but our clients come from all over the world. We also offer help and support in registration process for companies interested doing business with United Nations > More info

Some of our projects:



Vlado Kreslin performance in New York


On October 23, we organized a private performance of a legendary Slovenian singer Vlado Kreslin. The event brought together about 100 Slovenians that live in NYC. See the video below.




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In 2014 we were focused on organization of a professional women's tennis tournament -WTA 125k series- in Israel. The owner of the license hired us for consultancy work on this specific event together with some other international and professional sport event planners. However, not long before the tournament was supposed to take place, unfortunately, the tournament was cancelled due to security concerns in Israel.


Business Seminar: "How to do business with United Nations" / Ljubljana, Slovenia


Welcome speech was given by then-president of Slovenia, Mr. Danilo Turk and key speaker was Mr Dmitri Dovgopoly, director of Procurement Division at UN headquarters in New York. Mr Dovgopoly introduced and explained how (small or big) companies can do business with UN, which operates with a budget of around $15 billion USD annually. Representative of two successful companies, one local (Trimo Trebnje) and one from Germany (FAI Rent-a-jet), explained their experience working with UN. This was a first seminar on this topic in Slovenia.



4-Day Educational Event for Students (4 D.E.E.S.) / Maribor, Slovenia


The overall theme of this 4-day event was "International Relations and Diplomacy." The highlight was a conference with speakers:

  • Mr. Joseph Musomelli, then US Ambassador to Slovenia
  • Mr Andrew Page, then UK Ambassador to Slovenia
  • Ms Melita Gabric, former Consul General of Slovenia in New York

Other activities included different workshops, social and team building activities. Participants were international students from many different countries (Slovenia, France, USA, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, etc) and different universities (most from local universities and New York University - NYU).

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